In early 2019, Verita leadership team set up an Advisory Board that further added value and expertise to the school. The Advisory Board exists to act as a critical friend to the school to ensure that Verita does not stray from its mission and vision or from the needs of the school’s communities.

The Advisory Board will advise on matters in the following domains:

  • The Generative Domain: The board will participate in the generation of ideas and strategic plans focused on academic and financial self improvement to ensure the quality of practices, facilities, programmes, and policies are consistent with international best-practice.
  • The Fiduciary Domain: It will provide financial advice to ensure that the Owner and School Director are allocating funds responsibly and efficiently and that the school is sustainable in both the short and the long term.
  • The Academic Domain: It will assist and advise the School Director to ensure that Verita provides a rich and rigorous education for Verita’s students. The advisory board will seek data/feedback/reports on the academic progress of the school.
  • The Physical Domain: It will provide guidance to ensure that the school’s facilities are upgraded to deliver the school’s mission and vision.

An important responsibility of the Advisory Board is to ensure that all stakeholders are listened to and that they have a meaningful impact on Verita’s decision-making.

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