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How to prepare your child emotionally to start in a new school

Dear parents, As the first day of school is oftentimes filled with mixed, but strong emotions, both for you and your children, I have put together a few tips on how to better prepare for this: Before school begins: If you haven’t done this already, implement a routine [...]

The Circle of Emotions Benefiting Education

The Circle of Emotions Benefiting Education When Successful Teaching and Learning Join Hands The principles of social and emotional learning (SEL) are proven to be essential in teaching relevant skills to the teachers themselves. In other words, a properly trained educator who is knowledgeable in the [...]

Understanding the Teen Years

Dealing with the Teenager Student Adolescence is a transitional period from childhood into adulthood. It is a period of physical, cognitive, emotional, and social changes, that frequently result in confusion. As it is a period of self-discovery, it’s normal for teenagers to experiment. In search of their identity [...]

Ensuring Social and Emotional well-being

Ensuring Social and Emotional Well-being Schools are an ideal setting to support the social and emotional well-being of students and offer resources and opportunities to build resilience. When schools support social and emotional well-being, students typically have fewer disciplinary issues, can focus more on school work, and can [...]

Building and Maintaining Resilience Despite the Odds

Building and Maintaining Resilience Despite the Odds Schools are places where we bring our whole selves — our life experiences, cultural backgrounds, challenges and trauma, and hopes and aspirations — into interaction with the world. But often, the experiences we encounter in school environments can become sources of [...]

How Should Teachers Prepare for Online Education?

Teaching remotely is still a relatively novel concept and it takes time to adjust for those who’ve never done it before. Taking the current pandemic into account, online teaching has become a must, because of all the restrictions that make it impossible for classes to be taught live. Thus, [...]

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