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The Pyramid of Learning: The natural path to high-quality learning

Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn. (O. Fred Donaldson) Did you know that kids need a strong foundation of nourishment for the central nervous system (their brain) to attend, behave and learn? In other words, children between the ages 2 and 5 need [...]

Verita International School – Experience education like never before!

At Verita International School, we believe in providing an education that not only helps children excel academically, but also prepares our students for the world beyond the classroom. Our dynamic and diverse curriculum is designed to challenge students to think critically, communicate effectively, and lead with compassion. From our experienced teachers [...]

Tips For EYFS & Lower Primary

Dear parents, We are happy to welcome you and your children back at Verita! I am Ana-Maria Abatacesei and I am excited to announce that starting this school year I will be joining the Student Support Team of Verita as the EYFS & Lower Primary counselor. I hope this [...]

The Circle of Emotions Benefiting Education

The Circle of Emotions Benefiting Education When Successful Teaching and Learning Join Hands The principles of social and emotional learning (SEL) are proven to be essential in teaching relevant skills to the teachers themselves. In other words, a properly trained educator who is knowledgeable in the [...]

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