We enroll children in our school with minimum age of 2 years old and up to 12 years old.
Our school is open for children between the hours of 8 am to 5:30 pm. The general academic schedule with formal classes start at 9am until 3pm. We do offer between 3pm until 5:30pm, extra-curriculum activities.
Yes! Verita School offers in-house 100% Organic/Bio lunches to children enrolled in our school with our own personal Chef. There are three different menus to choose from daily, including a hot option, a vegetarian option, and an alternative (sandwiches) option. Each meal includes a soup, an entrée, fruit, and a choice or juice or milk.. A monthly menu chart will be available. Half day children can purchase these lunches and bring them home to enjoy. Full day children may either order from one of these menus or bring a lunch from home
Yes! We are still working out the details at this time, but we are hopeful to make several different options available (at an additional charge). More details will be forthcoming and available here.

Verita School has selected to be a member of the Council of British International Schools. COBIS is a representative of the British Government and other international governing bodies which verifies quality assurance of Verita School’s approach, curriculum and overall management. In order to maintain these credentials, there are specific rules and regulations that need to be followed. We pursue these credentials to offer the best experience for you and your child. All of our teachers have had years of experience teaching and working with children. Verita School is using the National Curriculum of England and Wales as the core curriculum and educational foundation for our students. Having the COBIS recognition and using the English National Curricula and qualifications open doors for Verita students and learners and are a passport to success, recognized by leading universities and employers around the world as evidence of academic ability. Verita School is also fully authorized school by the Ministry of Education of Romania.
Yes! the school takes many trips throughout the year to museums, factories, theatre, parks, forests, lakes, animal farms In the spring, our school wide picnic celebrates the end of our academic year. Because our children are so young and need a high level of supervision, we often bring outside activities to our students in addition to the field trips we go on. This allows us to bring a wider variety of experiences to the school and ensure the safety of our students. Kindergarten and summer camp programs have the opportunity to attend additional field trips.