Verita School Principal, Damian Ward will lead a Global Citizenship workshop for any interested Verita parents on December 10th at 8:30am, it will be held in the cafeteria block. Parents will then be fully informed on aspects which the children cover in class. It will focus on what makes a Global Citizen, how we are linked together across the world and what responsibilities we all have to people in society who are on the margin. It will also touch on technological advantages and disadvantages.

Please sign up below and consider that there will be a maximum of 35 spaces available.

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What is a global citizen?
Being a global citizen generally involves three parts; awareness (both self-awareness and of others), responsibility, and participation. These three parts can be helpful talking points for parents and guardians when getting children and young people to think about what they might want to do – because it centres on who they might want to be. These three elements can generate healthy discussions with children and young people about how to develop greater awareness of themselves, their behaviours, and those of others – as well as around the responsibilities when transitioning from a teenager to adult, and how they might find and participate in communities or causes that they care about.

To help young people acquire the desired traits and skills of a global citizen, it’s important for parents to foster creative and critical thinking, open-mindedness, understanding of power relationships (relating to global issues), and optimism for a better world.

Make sure you sign up for the workshop to learn more about Global Citizenship and how to help your children foster qualities that will make them a global citizen.