We are excited to announce the GIZMOS STEM European Division Winners and recognize the teams that stood out to the judges as teams of excellence.
Verita International School has two winning teams in Category 2 – Middle Years – Years 6 – 8 – awarded with Silver – 2nd place and with Bronze – 3rd
place. Our students who participated in Category 3 – Secondary Years  9-12 – won 1st Place: Gold.

Our Silver award-winning team (Category 2), Helios, composed of Teodora Ion and Toma Kasprovschi from Year 9, developed a project titled “Production of Heat Energy Using Light” under the guidance of their teacher, Doina Lavric.

Our Bronze award-winning team (Category 2), under the guidance of teacher Doina Lavric, consisting of Mircea Cristescu, Dragos Hoisescu, Agnes Miron,
Katherine Kamerov, Ilinca Oancea, and Toma Dinca from Year 8, developed the project titled “Deforestation Case Analysis.

Under the guidance of teacher Marco Fick, Team EDDD clinched 1st Place, earning the Gold award. Their project, titled “Preventive measures against
the destruction caused by global warming,” demonstrated their commitment to addressing the pressing issues surrounding climate change.

Congratulations to our winning teams and to all the teams that participated! Each competing team received a certificate of participation
and a VIP early invitation to next year’s event, which is set to launch in January 2025!