Welcome to Verita International School!

Dear Verita families and friends,

The most important job for me is contributing to create a school environment where students and the entire community feel safe, supported, engaged, and accepted. We only learn when we feel physically, emotionally, and mentally safe. Verita is a school where our core values are dynamic, vibrant, authentic means of following our mission and vision.

If we look at the world today, we understand it is time we support the whole learner and we engage in educating our children to become the balanced, happy, successful adults who can innovate and lead using both their brilliant minds and their compassionate hearts. Surely enough, our children and our students can become leaders and highly successful entrepreneurs, it is our job to make sure we offer them the academic skills and support for them to pursue such dreams.

And as a mother myself, I know that I would also ask myself: How is my son doing in his relationships? How resilient is he when facing failure or suffering? Can he show empathy and help someone in need when it would be easier not to? Is he truly happy?

And that’s why here at Verita we look at the whole learner.

What’s really driving a child’s behavior? How do children develop and learn? These are questions we keep asking ourselves as we are also still learning.

In today’s world we are all interconnected. The challenges we face and that our children will face in the future, require cooperation, compassion, grit, and creativity.

We acknowledge this here in Verita and my mission as Dean, as a mother and ultimately as a human being will always be to uphold these values within our community and to model in a dynamic and authentic way our mission of putting kindness first in everything we do.

– Lila Vasilescu

Head of Verita School Bucharest