The IB @Verita International School

Verita International School is an authorized IB World School for the Diploma Programme. As an IB World School offering the Diploma Programme, we are part of a global community of schools committed to developing knowledgeable, caring young people who will be ready to negotiate their futures successfully and make contributions resulting in a more harmonious and peaceful world.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) is a 2 year curriculum designed for Year 12 and 13 students.

All grade 12 and 13 courses at Verita International School are IB courses. Students must engage in the full program of subjects from each of the 6 groups.

The groups are divided as follows:

  • Group 1: Language A
  • Group 2: Language acquisition/Language B or Ab initio
  • Group 3: Individuals and Societies
  • Group 4: Sciences
  • Group 5: Mathematics
  • Group 6: The arts

A student must pick 1 subject from each group. If a student does not want to take a subject from group 6, they can opt to take another subject from one of the other groups.

The student has chosen English, French B, Economics, Chemistry, Mathematics AA and History (instead of visual arts).

A student must also complete the requirements of the IB diploma core:

  • Extended Essay (EE)
  • Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
  • Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

Higher Level / Standard Level Subjects

  • Of the six subjects studied, a minimum of three (3) must be studied at Higher Level and the remainder at Standard Level. A maximum of four (4) can be taken at Higher Level.
  • The difference in Higher / Standard Level is the number of teaching hours:
    Higher Level – 240 hours per course
    Standard Level – 150 hours per course
  • Different Subject courses differentiate between the HL / SL in different ways to achieve this.
    Examples include:
    Core standard course in both with additional topics in HL.
    The same topics in each but covered to a different depth.
    Differing assessment requirements.

Subject Gradings

  • The marks awarded for each course range from 1 (lowest) to 7 (highest).
  • HL / SL subjects are treated the same in the contribution to the total diploma score. (ie. A 6 rating in an SL subject is not worth less than a 6 rating in the equivalent HL subject.)
  • A maximum score of 45 can be achieved in a diploma.
    – 6 subjects x 7 score = 42 points
    – TOK + Extended Essay (See Diploma Points Matrix) = 3 points
    Which adds up to a total of 45 points