IGCSE Assessment

Throughout the two-year academic journey, students will consistently receive assessments that mirror the structure and format of the official coursework. This deliberate approach is aimed at providing students with continuous practice and exposure to the type of assessments they will encounter during their official coursework examinations.

By aligning these ongoing assessments with the official coursework format, students are equipped with the tools and experience they need to confidently tackle the challenges posed by the final examinations. This ensures that they not only grasp the subject matter but also become adept at navigating the specific requirements and expectations of the official coursework, setting them up for success when the time comes to face these critical assessments.

Assessment Objectives (AOs)

  • Each subject has a set of AOs
  • Each AO is assessed on various parts of the exam/ coursework
  • Similar to the criteria of Y7-9
  • Mini assessments should focus on the AOs
% in
AO1 Demonstrate a close knowledge and understanding of texts, maintaining a critical style and presenting an informed personal engagement. 30
AO2 Analyse the language, form and structure used by a writer to create meanings and effects 40
AO3 Explore links and connections between texts. 10
AO4 Show understanding of the relationships between texts and the contexts in which they were written. 20