IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)

Year 10 & 11 Overview

The IGCSE curriculum is widely recognised as evidence of academic ability and gives flexibility to the students’ learning and choice of subjects. It offers students a broad, general education, challenging and rich in knowledge but based on  varied classroom approaches . This gives students with a range of learning preferences the opportunity to succeed.

Examination Boards for iGCSE

  • EdExcel
  • Cambridge
  • Oxford AQA

Each of them offers the IGCSE certification

Each of them offers their own subject requirements

The subjects and subject content offered from each examination board are similar, but also different.

Mission & the VIS Vision

VIS Mission: Verita ensures that kindness is the centre of everything we do. Deeply committed to international and intercultural understanding, Verita provides an academically engaging, inquiry-based educational approach. Our responsibility is to whole-heartedly assist our students to develop the social-emotional and academic skills necessary to live meaningful, fulfilled, and happy lives.

Verita International School proudly offers the National Curriculum for England through the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) for Year 7-9, the Edexcel International GCSE for Year 10-11 and finally, the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for Year 12-13. We have chosen these curricula carefully as they have a focus on inquiry and experiential learning. Students are encouraged to explore the world around them and learn through hands-on activities. Classroom spaces and learning experiences are carefully structured by our teachers, coordinators, instructional coach and administrators. Through this structure, it allows us to facilitate an interdisciplinary approach to learning that allows students to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding from a variety of academic areas.

In Secondary School, we are committed to developing students academically, physically, socially and emotionally. We believe that to prepare students for high academic achievement levels, we must first ensure they feel safe emotionally, socially, and physically at school. We are aware that secondary students are going through a wide variety of changes and the most important thing is for them to feel understood by adults. In essence, that is our focus at the secondary level. We strive daily to build positive relationships with the students in order to enhance their learning experience in the classroom. In turn, we hope they will become globally-minded citizens of society with a strong sense of social justice to make a positive impact in the world.