IGCSE Final Results: Purpose, Consequences, and Appeals

What will VIS use the iGCSE final results for?

  • It helps us determine whether the student possesses the academic readiness and commitment required to succeed in completing the rigorous IB DP programme successfully.
  • Allows us to provide clear course credit in the event of their transfer to international schools anywhere in the world.

What happens if a student fails the IGCSE?

When a student faces the challenging situation of failing the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) examinations, our approach is to evaluate their circumstances on a case-by-case basis. We recognise that each student’s journey and challenges are unique, and we aim to provide them with the best path forward based on their individual situation.

Two track options available dependent on the circumstances:

  1. VIS High School Diploma / DP Certification: In this track, students remain within the IB DP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) classes alongside their peers. They are registered as IB course students and will still take the final IB DP exams at the end of the two years and will need to adhere to all IB DP subject requirements. The student will only need to pick four subjects at any level and they do not have to do the core. This makes the overall course a lot easier. This option will mean the student cannot attend university in Romania, but there are many universities abroad that will remain options.
  2. IB DP Diploma: Alternatively, students may choose to continue with the IB DP programme, even after facing a setback. In this track, students will participate in the IB DP examinations and complete the core components of the program. Successfully meeting the requirements will enable them to attain the prestigious IB DP diploma, which is recognised worldwide for its academic rigour and excellence.

The choice between these two tracks allows students to chart their educational journey based on their aspirations, capabilities and readiness to tackle the demands of the IB DP programme. Our commitment is to support each student in their pursuit of academic success, whether through alternative pathways or by helping them persevere and excel in the challenging IB DP program.

Student Appeals