IGCSE Examination Preparations: Mocks and Official Exams 

IGCSE Mock Exams

Mocks are essential for exam preparation, to help students understand what to expect in the live exam and to provide them experience with the structure and format of the official exams.

Teachers will be using the results from the mock exams to predict their final grade for the official exams. Mock exams will also support teachers to identify where to focus revision, so the results analysis will support student progression and teacher professional development.

Mock exams are written in January and June of the first year as well as January of the second year.

IGCSE Official Exams

The process for subjects with upcoming exams at our school follows a well-defined structure. In the final months of Year 11, typically in May or June, students diligently prepare to write their official exams at VIS. Once these exams are completed, they are carefully packaged and sent to Pearson Edexcel for external assessment. The external assessment is a crucial step in ensuring the integrity and fairness of the grading process.

Unlike the practice mock exams, where the evaluation remains internal, the official exams are externally assessed. An official Edexcel examiner is responsible for meticulously marking the exams submitted by Verita and ultimately determining the final grades that each student will receive. This rigorous evaluation ensures that our students’ achievements are recognised with accuracy and impartiality.