IGCSE Official Coursework

The IGCSE official coursework refers to the structured and formal assessments that students are required to complete as part of their IGCSE curriculum. Unlike traditional exams, which are typically taken at the end of the course, official coursework is an integral component of the IGCSE program and contributes to a student’s final grade.

Here’s an overview of IGCSE official coursework:

  • Subject-Specific Projects: Official coursework assignments are subject-specific and can vary widely depending on the subject. Examples of subjects that often include coursework components in the IGCSE curriculum include subjects like English Literature, English Language, Sciences, Geography, Art and Design and more.
  • Assigned by Teachers: Teachers, who are experts in their respective subjects, assign coursework tasks to students. These tasks are designed to assess specific learning objectives and skills relevant to the subject.
  • Completion During the Course: Unlike final exams, which are taken at a specific time (usually in May/June of the examination year), students work on their coursework assignments throughout the duration of the course. This allows students to apply what they have learned over time.
  • Internal Assessment: Teachers play a crucial role in assessing and grading students’ coursework. They evaluate the quality of the work, adherence to guidelines, and how well students have met the specified criteria. This internal assessment is the initial basis for determining a student’s coursework grade.
  • Feedback and Grade: After completing the coursework, students receive valuable feedback from their teachers, highlighting areas for improvement and strengths in their work. Teachers also assign a preliminary grade based on their assessment.
  • External Moderation: To ensure fairness and consistency in grading, the coursework is sent to the examining body, such as Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) for CIE IGCSE. The examining body employs external examiners who review the coursework, including the teacher’s grading and rationale.
  • Final Grade Determination: The external examiner may adjust the coursework grade if they believe it is too high, too low, or just right based on their professional judgment. The final coursework grade, following external moderation, contributes to a student’s overall IGCSE grade alongside the results of the final exams. Previous missing work or late work are ATLs and should not impact the final grade based on the knowledge of the student.

IGCSE official coursework is an important aspect of the IGCSE program as it assesses a student’s ability to apply knowledge, skills, and understanding in a real-world context. It allows students to demonstrate their proficiency in various subjects through projects, research, experiments, or other subject-specific tasks, providing a holistic evaluation of their academic performance.