International School and Kindergarten in Bucharest

High Quality Teaching & Learning

At Verita International School we teach children how to learn and we empower them with the tools to become great problem solvers, critical thinkers, and, most importantly, independent thinkers.

This year alone, more than 500 families from Romania and around the world have entrusted us with the education of their children.

Three stages, one school



We’ll provide your child with the learning adventure of a lifetime. Let’s meet to learn how!

    Enrolments are open for children in the Early Years (2.8 – 5 years old), with limited places available for Primary and Secondary School.

    What makes us different?

    Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional Intelligence

    To understand and manage emotions, our students are immersed in social-emotional learning programs and curricula throughout their studies. Social-emotional learning enhances one’s self-awareness, self-management, decision-making and resilience.

    Low Student – Teacher Ratio

    Verita classes have an impressively low student-teacher ratio of 1:9. Small class size and our inspiring and highly qualified teaching faculty ensure that students get independent attention and tailor-made differentiated support.


    Service Learning Projects

    Verita students must participate in meaningful community service which exposes them to active engagement within communities or environments in need. Using curriculum objectives and innovative approaches our students work on real-world problems.


    Inquiry Based Learning

    A teaching approach that builds on the idea that educators and students both share responsibility for learning. Students’ questions, ideas and observations are at the centre of the learning experience. Inquiry methodologies require students to engage in evidence-based reasoning, learning by doing and creative problem-solving.



    Verita actively builds internal programs that promote student and staff wellbeing. We ensure a space where students feel physically and emotionally safe with a caring adult looking after the progress and acting as an advocate for each child. Most importantly, we ensure that kindness is the centre of everything we do.


    Student Agency

    It boils down to creating skills in students where they build their own self-directed learning abilities and strategies which allow them to develop a higher degree of autonomy and self-mastery. Student agency is ‘The ability of students to act independently within a given environment and assume an amount of control and empowerment”

    We believe that classrooms of collaborators can change the world

    Verita International School lays the foundation for students to become self-directed, independent lifelong learners, engaged global citizens, and enquirers with the capacity to see issues and ideas from multiple perspectives. Verita offers an unparalleled education where British education meets 21st-century learning. Our unique and nurturing school environment motivates students through high expectations in a collaborative and fun learning environment.

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    We’ll provide your child with the learning adventure of a lifetime. Let’s meet to learn how!

      Curriculum and Membership

      We use the National Curriculum of England & Wales as the core curriculum and educational foundation for our students. Through Fieldwork Education’s IEYC, IPC, and IMYC Frameworks, we are not only enhancing learning, but we bring the curriculum to life. Our membership networks enhance our teaching and learning by making us part of a global community of schools committed to educating learners.

      Cobis Patrons Accredited Member

      COBIS Patron’s Accredited Member

      The Council of British International Schools (COBIS) is a membership association that represents more than 450 schools and organisations, globally. Read more here.

      International Baccalaureat

      International Baccalaureate

      Verita International School is an authorized IB World School for the Diploma Programme. The IB DP programme is offered to students around the world aged 16 to 18. Read more here.


      As the UK’s largest examination board, Edexcel is best placed to provide academic qualifications that are recognised as being closely aligned to the British educational system. Read more here.

      CIS Accredited School

      Verita has achieved high standards of professional performance in international education and has a commitment to continuous improvement.

      Read more here.


      SEE Learning is an innovative K-12 education program developed by Emory University. It provides educators with the tools they need to foster the development of emotional, social, and ethical intelligence for students and themselves. Read more here.


      Verita is authorised by the Romanian Ministry of National Education – National Agency for Quality Assurance in Pre-University Education – ARACIP recognises Verita as a foreign school teaching the National English curricula in Romania.

      IEYC – IPC – IMYC – Fieldwork Education

      Verita has fully implemented the IEYC, IPC & IMYC comprehensive inquiry-based programmes which provide and promote robust academic learning through clear processes of teaching and with specific learning goals. Read more here.

      MAP Testing

      MAP Growth is the most trusted and innovative assessment for measuring achievement and growth in K–12 math, reading, language usage, and science. Read more here.

      MOE - Mantle of the Expert

      Mantle of the Expert is an education approach that uses imaginary contexts to generate purposeful and engaging activities for learning. Read more here.

      White Rose Math

      The School follows the White Rose Maths schemes of work. The White Rose Maths Hub provides term by term overviews for the National Curriculum with the aim of supporting primary schools, and teachers. Read more here.

      Verita Campus

      Starting September 2021 we have moved to a new, larger and improved campus just a 10 – 12 minute walk from the Promenada Mall and less than 1 km away from Aurel Vlaicu metro station.

      Verita School Campus

      Verita Kitchen

      Verita School provides gourmet, homemade, organic / regular meals. We ensure that each meal is prepared by our skilled school chefs using only ingredients that have been certified for their quality.

      Verita School Menu

      Extra-curricular activities

      We offer after-school workshops expanding learning opportunities that support developmentally appropriate social, physical and emotional outcomes.





      Science Lab


      Our People

      We understand that it is essential to have outstanding educators that nurture, inspire and educate your children. That is why our teachers are highly skilled Romanian and Foreign certified teachers, with several years of in-class teaching experience, that are committed to the well-being and education of your children and giving them their best start in life.

      Lila Vasilescu - Dean of School
      Ashley Peek - Principal of Secondary at Verita School
      April Wuest - Principal of Primary at Verita School


      Our three kids have been attending Verita for the last three years, and they are all very happy about their experiences. The teachers and administration staff are excellent. Everybody is always very willing to help and to accommodate every request. They learn more than just academics in this school, they learn how to become real citizens of the world and that is a real plus compared to any other school.

      – Jeremie


      We are extremely pleased with all aspects of their educational and emotional development. Verita teachers and administrators pay tremendous attention to detail. The teaching staff is amazing and this reflects itself in the overall education process. Our girls have blossomed at Verita. We definitely give Verita five stars and recommend the school to anyone interested to further their child”s education. Congratulations all.

      – Anda and Phil


      Our son has been attending Verita for three years now and just loves it. Imagine that, a thirteen-year-old teenager who looks forward to going to school? Why? I think it’s about the teachers and the structure of the study. Teachers are confident younger leaders who encourage him to think and contribute to classroom discussions. Projects (which are frequent) encourage a point of view and a robust defense of that point of view with extra credit for creativity in problem-solving.

      – Luke


      Educational Package 2023/2024 Academic Year

      The educational package at Verita includes the following tuition fees and additional fees (food, transportation, after-school workshops & university preparatory clubs, iGCSE & IB examination programs).


      Tuition can be paid in 1 or 2 instalments, but Verita also provides an instalment plan to parents who need financial assistance. If interested, please contact us by email at finance@verita.ro. A 2% surcharge will be applied for 4 instalments and a 5% surcharge will be applied for 9 instalments. Please note that the instalment plan cannot be changed after the 31st of July.

      Sibling discount

      A 5% discount will be applied starting with the second sibling enrolled in our school and the discount is applicable to the youngest ones. 

      Enrolment fees

      • Application fee (It is a mandatory fee which must be paid at the time of application for admission, and it is non – refundable.): 50 EUR;
      • Registration fee (It is a one – time mandatory fee and is owed once the school confirms the child passed the admission process. It is due within 5 working days as of the confirmation letter transmitted by the school. It is non-refundable in the event of the student’s subsequent withdrawal or cancellation of the schooling contract): 1500 EUR;

      At the beginning of every Academic year (beginning of September) we are publishing the Tuition fees for the next Academic year.

      Please be aware that transition from Early Years to Primary, or from Primary to Secondary involves movement to another range of fees as reflected in the table below.

      Early Years

      • per Year
      • Ages 2.8 to 5
      • Schedule:9:00 – 12:30

      Early Years

      • per Year
      • Ages 2.8 to 5
      • Schedule:9:00 – 15:45

      Primary Y1-6

      • per Year
      • Ages 5 to 11
      • Schedule:9:00 – 15:45

      Secondary Y7-13

      • per Year
      • Ages 12 & above
      • Schedule:9:00 – 15:45

      Ready to send your child on
      the learning adventure of a lifetime?

      We develop your child’s talents, build friendly relationships in a safe environment, and make learning enjoyable. Verita is the best fit for you if you believe that your children are part of a generation that needs to be independent, creative and ready for the world.


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      We’ll provide your child with the learning adventure of a lifetime. Let’s meet to learn how!