Introduction letter

Ghilimele sus

Dear parents,

Welcome to the Primary School of Verita International School!

Verita is a school where passion meets creativity, imagination meets inquiry-based learning, high expectations for teaching and learning meet kindness and social-emotional learning meets innovative thinking. We are truly passionate about what we do and we strive to create a school experience that supports the development of well-rounded, unique individuals.

As the Assistant Head of Primary for Years 3 to 6, I would like to continue developing this beautiful, mindful community that Verita has created over the years. I believe that building relationships is one of the stepping stones of high-quality teaching and learning and thus I am committed to continue nurturing strong relationships between all members of the Verita community, students, parents and all staff.

Our teachers are committed to the mission and vision of Verita and its values and they embody them every day in the classroom. They are ready to foster the excitement of learning something new every day, with the help of 21st century tools, innovative thinking, and many years of experience. As a school, we shape our curriculum, bring in new tools and train ourselves to make sure that we are offering our students the learning experience that will instil the skills, competencies and mindset of the future.

Looking forward to a joyful learning experience together!

– Julie

Assistant Principal of Primary for KS2

Ghilimele jos