Introduction letter

Ghilimele sus

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Secondary School at Verita International School.

VIS’s reputation is founded on the distinguished students we have the honour to work with, the knowledge, skills and commitment of our teachers, and the endless support and active engagement of our parents. This triangular relationship serves as the foundation to effectively deliver VIS’s mission to nurture and enrich the child’s intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth.

VIS’s mission, vision and values serve as the flight path for shaping our expectations of the secondary community. While exposing students to academic rigour is important, we believe developing their social and emotional intelligence is just as important. In essence, the two go hand in hand to the overall developmental success of each student.

As the secondary principal, I am deeply committed to ensuring each student feels safe, included, engaged and supported at VIS. I believe that building positive relationships with students is at the forefront of educating teenagers. With those positive relationships, students are able to feel a connection to their teachers and in turn, leads to better learning. The teenager’s brain is going through a process of pruning irrelevant connections that have been made in the past. When they see something is of no use or relevance to them, their brain naturally breaks off these connections. This is essentially why I believe it is critical to teach to their interests and make things relevant to them. To achieve this, it all starts with reaching their hearts and recognising each of them as unique individuals.

With VIS’s community of active parents and exceptionally committed teachers, I am confident each student will feel a strong sense of belonging and acknowledged for their own distinctive identity. 

– Rico Chow

Secondary School Principal

Ghilimele jos