Dear Verita Parents,

You already know about our school’s emphasis on SEL (social emotional learning) and SEE Learning in particular – Social Emotional and Ethical learning – our curriculum from Emory University.

In educating children it takes the whole community to come together and instil the values and skills we know our young ones and our world need to flourish: kindness, compassion, patientice, forgiveness, generosity, collaboration, discernment, to name a few. As we all aspire to manifest these values in our lives for the benefit of our children, we would like to invite you to an immersive experience at Verita School.

The SEE Learning Parent’s Workshop is designed to touch base on and kindle insights into the knowledge and practices supporting the wellbeing of children and adults. It will be an exploration of what it means to create a safe space for individuals and communities, to build resilience by getting to know and settle the body, to strengthen attention and self-awareness, to navigate emotions and to catch a glimpse of systems thinking and interdependence.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you on January 28.
Deadline for registration: Jan 23rd

If you are a parenting blogger interested in attending our free workshop, save your seat with an e-mail at Please mention the SEE Workshop and give us your contact details: Name / Website / Phone number.


When: Saturday, January 28 / 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Where: Verita International School Bucharest