Chantal Theron

Principal of Early Years & Primary

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It was with great joy that I received the invitation to interview for the position of Principal of Early Years and Primary School at Verita. Reading through the school’s website information and meeting the founders, Richard and Lila confirmed my belief that Verita would be a wonderful fit for me. After many meetings with the current Head, Mr. Damian Ward, and his Senior Leadership Team not only was my initial impression confirmed but my desire to make Verita, Romania my next home became a personal goal.

I was truly honoured to receive the news that I was the final candidate and my visit to the school at the end of March showed me all I needed to know about the wonderful, strong, and caring community spirit of the Verita Family. Some of you may have seen me in the mornings as I walked around observing the daily routines both in and out of the classrooms. The best part of my day was interacting with your perceptive and precocious children.

I received many warm hugs and friendly invitations to attend classes and events. I witnessed excellent teaching practices and saw the dedication of everyone in the school to making each child’s day special, safe, and successful.

In the near future I hope to get to know you all and trust that you will find me a good fit for your school, as much as I know the Verita International School of Romania is a good fit for me.

Ghilimele sus mobile

About me

As I moved from class teaching to teacher leadership, I found the transition both challenging and stimulating. I hold a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction which I was inspired to pursue while my children studied for their IBDP. The philosophy of an IB World school states that we are Lifelong learners and that is how I see myself.

I chose to study in the field of curriculum development, as I have been trained in and have used several different models of curriculum and am fascinated by the aspects involved in developing a sound educational philosophy and teaching methodology. As the founding Principal at ACS International Schools new campus in Doha. Together with my team we went through the rigorous and exciting process of creating, implementing and documenting our American International Inquiry based curriculum. Together we created the school Philosophy, Essential Learner Outcomes and development of all operational procedures. I have been through several school evaluations and authorizations with ECIS, WASC, NEASC and the IBO, both as an educator and teacher leader. These rigorous self-studies have honed my skills for critical analysis of systems in schools and I have been invited to assist or consult at several schools seeking authorization or simply attempting to improve their practice.

As a passionate proponent of Student Support Service programmes in our schools, I have worked with a dedicated group of teachers to reach students outside of the norm, both below and above grade level expectations. I believe it is possible for a child to be twice exceptional (both learning challenged and gifted at the same time) together we can create learning opportunities to suit the individual needs of our exceptional students.

I have studied and taught Dramatic Arts and have a passion for speech and drama. The exceptional joy one witnesses when a student who may not excel on the sports field or in the classroom is able to annunciate a monologue with confidence, not even in their first language, is a rare thing indeed. At various times throughout my career, I have been involved in the development and running of sports programmes at different schools and as a practitioner of Educational Kinesiology I believe the whole child approach to education is best. As the IB Learner Profiles state, being balanced in all areas of our lives is key to a successful experience.

As the Child Protection Officer and leader of the Child Protection team I have Safeguarding at the forefront of my mind at all times. I believe that staff, students and parents who feel they can trust you to have their best interests at heart will always give their best to the school and be proud of their place in school development plans. As part of my annual goals and evaluation I always include teacher, student and parent forums to make sure they understand I value their advocacy. My passion, dedication and initiative have been recognized in WASC, SEC and internal audits. Although these outside acknowledgements go a long way to helping me stay on track, I am creative, innovative and courageous when it comes to change.