Emotional and social intelligence is as equally important as intellectual intelligence. Our integrated approach offers skills and values that aid each child in their development of the skills of self-motivation and independent learning. Through this they will be able to succeed in life, despite its complexities, with adaptability, creativity, emotional balance and critical thinking.


Inspiring kind and joyful learning communities who use innovative thinking to build a mindful and sustainable world.


Verita ensures that kindness is the centre of everything we do. Deeply committed to international and intercultural understanding, Verita provides an academically engaging, inquiry-based educational approach.

Our responsibility is to whole-heartedly assist our students to develop the social-emotional and academic skills necessary to live meaningful, fulfilled, and happy lives.


At Verita, the learning environment is characterised by purposeful, focussed activity in a kind and caring, yet challenging, environment.


We will nurture the imagination in the early years in order to build a foundation for abstract thinking.
We awaken a student’s genuine enthusiasm, an interest in the WORLD, (a love of learning) and a sense of purpose in life.
 We use an educational approach that encourages balance.
We commit to nurturing creativity, happiness, critical–thinking and self-reliance.
We strive to help students make the transition from external motivation to self-motivation.
We will put a strong focus on respect, responsibility and compassion.
We foster each child’s full potential.
We emphasize the child’s relationship to the natural world.
We are guided by a curriculum not driven by standardized testing it.
We promise to promote cooperation over competition; and imaginative play over media exposure.
We integrate the arts, music and movement into the entire curriculum.
We commit to providing an appropriate structure to meet each student’s needs, at each phase of her or his growth, with the objective of self-discipline.
We teach decision making and problem-solving.
We will assist each student’s acquisition of a sense of personal responsibility.
We strengthen leadership potential and effectiveness.
We devote ourselves to growing a community of many nationalities, races, religions, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.