This is an infographic that summarises the results of our parent survey conducted at the end of January, 2020.

Thank you to all of the families who took the time to share their feedback with the school. The survey included questions related to the priorities of the school. The overall results represent 173 responses from parents and guardians across the school.

The survey results have helped us identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth. The feedback gathered will help our school measure its progress toward meeting our goals and developing strategies to better serve students and the wider community moving forward.

Areas of Improvement

Over the next 6 months, we are going to focus on areas of improvements such as campus area and playground spaces to support some children and parent’s feeling of safety and well being. We also want to continue to improve the academic challenge opportunities for enquiry based learning for all students. On the food side, we are involving a renowned Romanian nutritionist to re-evaluate our menu offering and to review the current variety of menu cooked on-site each week.