We would like to announce Ms. Nom Such, who has been with us for four years, has been promoted to Head of Curriculum & Coaching and will be joining the Senior Leadership Team.

We are also excited to announce that Mr. Marco Fick has been promoted to IBDP Coordinator and he will be joining the Senior Leadership Team. The IBDP Coordinator, a senior pedagogical leadership position, plays a significant role in ensuring the successful delivery of the full IBDP programme.

We have been working to broaden and strengthen our governance and leadership structure over the past few years. There are currently nine official members of the Verita Senior Leadership Team (SLT) who democratically and collectively decide on how to consistently improve and grow the school in a sustainable manner. In addition, we have ten members of the Advisory Board, made up of parents, external experts, and Verita staff who act as a critical friend to the school to ensure that Verita does not stray from its mission and vision or from the needs of the school’s communities.