Science helps students develop a sense of wonder about the world around them, fosters an inquiring mind and equips them with the critical thinking skills to inform their own opinions.

The Science curriculum at Verita International School is underpinned by a commitment to making science relevant and practical for all students. Course units are developed around the National Curriculum released by the National Curriculum of England & Wales. Modules of work incorporate current topics and contain many opportunities to develop deep understandings and practical skills relating to the process of scientific investigation.

Students must all study a core program of science from year 7 to year 10. All classes follow a common course of study with specialised support as required. In years 8, 9 and 10 the science program provides scope for students who have particular strengths and interests in science.


Students access a wide range of scientific equipment, current texts, computer hardware and software to support and enhance their learning in science. Students also use their Chromebooks or other digital devices to digitally record practical activities and manipulate experiment results into tables and graphs. The science faculty is committed to developing units of work that are based in Google classroom and utilise many of the features of Google-suite (G-suite).

Our Science program guides students learning through the use of Project Based tasks and projects relying on the IMYC (7-9) and the IGSCE Science (Double Award)- EDEXCEL for Year 10. Students that are exposed to experiential learning are proven to be better problem solvers, more creative, and develop higher level critical thinking skills. These attributes are essential for all students, in order to meet the needs and expectations of the 21st Century workforce and future careers.

New Science Lab

and Equipment

A new Science lab is ready and installed in the new building by Tei Park, and it can be accessed directly from the current campus.

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