Service learning is a form of experiential education where learning occurs through a cycle of action and reflection as students seek to achieve real objectives for the community and deeper understanding and skills for themselves.”

Community service has been a part of educational systems for years. But what takes service learning to the next level is that it combines serving the community with the rich academic frontloading, assessment, and reflection typically seen in project-based learning.

Through our Verita Foundation, we wish to give our students many opportunities to experience hands on service learning projects that will have an impact in our community but they will also have a deep impact on our children’s minds and hearts as we research, engage and then reflect upon the challenges other people and children face thus learning about empathy, compassion, gratitude and civic responsibility.

Year 2 Bake Sale

The children challenged themselves, preparing together with their parents and grandparents, delicious BIO treats for the most refined tastes. From banana bread, truffles, gingerbread cookies to all sorts of sweet or savory biscuits, pies, puddings, muffins, fruit snacks, natural juices, and lemonade. A delicious variety from which it was very difficult for any food lover to choose!

Our students demonstrated great responsibility and did an outstanding job selling and presenting their healthy treats. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, all the Year 2 classes raised 3562 lei, contributing to our support for the Salvati Copiii Organization.

Year 7 Charity Bake Sale

A dedicated group of Year 7 students organised a bake sale with the purpose of raising funds for the charity “Light into Europe.” This cause holds special significance for our students, as they have passionately supported it for the second consecutive year now. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the teachers and parents who generously supported this initiative, allowing our students to engage in meaningful service learning and fostering a spirit of empathy. They raised a total of 1513 RON!

Prajitura din Natura Bake Sale

The Secondary ECO team had their first bake sale! It was a sweet sugar feast but we were also lucky to receive very healthy treats that were lovingly donated by Prajitura din Natura. 100% plant-based, without sugar or gluten; they were the ultimate proof in the pudding that cakes and cookies can be good for you and even the planet.
All proceeds went towards the ECO team to reinvest in the school, creating a sustainable and eco-friendly environment for all students and staff. Last year, the funds were used to replace the styrofoam lunch boxes we had, with reusable sturdy tubs!

Year 9 Art exhibition & Silent Auction

Year 9 organised a Silent Auction where all works have been sold. Students managed to raise 3020 lei in total. The money went to the Verita Foundation, which bought and sent supplies to the NGO Asociatia Mamprenoare which delivered them directly to Ukrainian moms and children.

Year 11 Bake Sale

The Year 11 students organised a small bake. The purpose of this event was to raise money for the refugees from Ukraine. It’s their response to the SEE lesson on Compassion for others.

Verita 5K (Ukraine Edition)

We had over 50 attendees for the first Verita 5k organised by the Service Leadership Club. The members of the Service Leadership Club have done a phenomenal job organising the route and guiding the participants throughout the 5k. They’ve organised this event to bring the community together to get some healthy activities happening!  They finally used the donation money from the last 5K to get organised and shop for important items for the Ukraine victims.

Verita 5k Second Edition

The second edition of Verita 5K was meant to bring the community together again to get some healthy activities happening and to raise money for the student council to spend on more activities for the students!

Bake Sale and Toy Sale

The children in Year 1A, 1B, 1C & 4B worked so hard to raise money through their bake sales and toy sales. The items on display were colourful and very tasty. These sales brought joy to the whole community and to the recipients the chance to have proper meals, clothes, hygiene products and even a washing machine this Christmas. Supporting such important projects bring joy to families in need as well as teaches our children how connected we are with others and the impact we can have in the world.

Middle School Student Council AntiBullying Week

During the antibullying week, our middle school students have engaged in various activities such as wearing blue, writing on the kindness tree, and organising the antibullying fundraiser. As kindness is one of our school’s core ethos, it is critical we involved our students in this process of learning and raising awareness.