Service learning is a form of experiential education where learning occurs through a cycle of action and reflection as students seek to achieve real objectives for the community and deeper understanding and skills for themselves.”

Community service has been a part of educational systems for years. But what takes service learning to the next level is that it combines serving the community with the rich academic frontloading, assessment, and reflection typically seen in project-based learning.

Through our Verita Foundation, we wish to give our students many opportunities to experience hands on service learning projects that will have an impact in our community but they will also have a deep impact on our children’s minds and hearts as we research, engage and then reflect upon the challenges other people and children face thus learning about empathy, compassion, gratitude and civic responsibility.


Year 4B and the kids at the street shelter

In the last semester of 2018, we had a long-run project with Year 4B and the children from the Street Shelter from sector 5. At first we had 15 children coming to our school and our amazing children in Year 4 B served them lunch and then played in the park with them.

We were all impressed with how gentle and caring our children were with our guests and we already decided to go visit them at the shelter next time.A second encounter took place at the Shelter. The Year 4B students spent an afternoon with their friends from the group home in sector 5. They donated essential supplies to the children and learned more about their friends’ lives. All the children played together and everyone was sad to say goodbye. The children already have plans in the works to spend another day with their friends sometime in May!


Year 8 students and a different kind of Math class

With a grocery shopping list and some money in an envelope that did not necessarily match the shopping list, our teams of Year 8 students went to Carrefour to buy products for families in need that receive boxes of food and other sanitary products through the MagicBOX project . Some struggled to make sure they will be able to cover the list with the money they had so they ended up negotiating with other teams while others simply reduced the amount of certain products and were able to cover everything on the list. They were not allowed to use phones in order to make calculations so a pencil and a piece of paper alongside their brains was all they needed.

Practicing Math while contributing to a humanitarian cause, this is what Service Learning is all about. Let’s learn about the world while also making it a better place for all of us to live in!

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