Early Years and Primary School

Classes in Early Years and Primary benefit from tablets and laptops that can be signed out by the teacher for different activities and projects done in the classroom. Year 1 to Year 5 classrooms also have a set of either tablets or laptops to be used as stations for Phonics, Literacy, Maths or IPC. Year 6 operates under a Bring Your Own Educational Device policy and they are allowed to bring their own educational device in school and use it for the class activities.

Secondary School

Secondary school operates exclusively based on a Bring Your Own Educational Device policy, meaning that all secondary students have to bring their own educational device to use in school. In order to fully access all activities and classes, students must use a laptop (Windows or Apple) as an educational device; tablets are not compatible with the classroom needs.

Minimum requirements/operating system (Windows devices):

  • Intel i3 processor / 8Gb RAM / 120Gb SSD / 5Ghz Wifi capable (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) / Windows 10

Recommended specifications/operating system:

  • Intel i5 processor / 8 Gb RAM / 250Gb SSD / 5GHz Wifi capable (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)/ Windows 10 Software:

Minimum requirements/operating system (Apple devices):

  • Macbook 2018 generation or later (Pro or Air)
  • MacOs updated to latest feasible version (Most recent MacOS may not work on older devices)
  • Intel Core i3 processor, 256Gb flash storage, 8Gb RAM

*Please note that the school cannot guarantee that all software used for educational purposes is compatible with the new Apple M1 processors. The architecture of the M1 processors is fundamentally different from that of Intel and not all software manufacturers have caught up and released the proper updates to their products

Mobile Phone Policy

Verita International School strives to provide appropriate and adequate technology to support instructional purposes. The use of personal devices by secondary students should support their learning exponentially and help them develop 21 century skills that will prepare them for the future. We believe that the use of mobile phone devices during school hours can distract from the goal of learning, and could, if used inappropriately, be a tool for bullying.

  • Primary and Middle School students are not allowed to use their mobile phones on school grounds for any reason – that includes break time, lunchtime and after school activities.
  • High school students are allowed to use their phones during school hours only during breaks. The rest of time, devices must be kept on silent, locked and away.
  • If a student needs to call home, he/she must report to a teacher who will either facilitate a call via the school phone or can grant permission for them to call under supervision.

Detailed information about the acceptable use policy, mobile phone policy, as well as Bring Your Own Educational Device policy will be sent to parents before the beginning of the next academic year and must be returned signed during the first two weeks of school for students to be able to continue having the privilege of using an educational device during school hours.

Securly web filtering system

At Verita we value the protection of our students, their data and our staff’s data. We also consider that using the internet adds to the children’s education when it is done in a safe, secure way. For that purpose we have invested in a web filtering system, Securly, that provides an extra layer of protection to everything that happens online while students are in school.

This certificate will give permission to the school to monitor:

  1. their Verita Students emails – which will be filtered for words related to violence, bullying, self-harm, nudity
  2. all online traffic, everything that is accessed during school hours via our Verita Students internet network

We will NOT monitor private home networks or anything related to the students’ personal, non-Verita email addresses.

Students in Year 6 and in Secondary will need to download and keep on their computers our Verita Securly Certificate in order to be able to access our Verita Students network. Exact information about how to download the certificate will be provided together with all other technology-related policies, before the beginning of the school year.