We are pleased to announce the Verita International School Strategic Plan for 2022-2027, which will guide the educational direction of our school for the next five years. 

Developed through a collaborative process involving our Advisory Board and the school community, this plan identifies critical areas for ongoing school development and reflects our aspirations, opportunities, challenges, and vision for the future.

The Strategic Plan should be viewed as a road map, helping us on the school’s journey from 2022 to 2027. It will provide the platform for taking us to CIS accreditation in 2023 and also to our first DP graduates and, indeed our first alumni in 2024.

The process of creating this Strategic Plan was with the express goal of developing a strategic direction for the school that the whole community feels is “our plan”. We will continue to work with teachers, parents, and students throughout the next five years in our committees and through parent workshops, meetings, and surveys to ensure stakeholders help to develop and impact our plan.

Now, we invite the entire Verita community to read the Strategic Plan. As always, we value your support, ideas, and comments as we work together to ensure Verita International School’s position as a leading education institution that assists our students in developing the social-emotional and academic skills necessary to live meaningfully, fulfilled, and happy lives.

Verita School Strategic Plan 2022 - 2027

Strategic Plan 2022 - 2027 (click the picture to read)