As you well know, we were very happy to unveil our new brand identity and website only a couple of months ago. We strongly believe it was the breath of fresh air that our brand needed to harmonize our school identity and experience.

This experience makes us learn and understand how to better transmit what Verita is truly about through all our channels, online and offline. We write to you today with fresh news regarding merchandise, but to also explain how our new identity better reflects who we are.

The wings, as we call them are aspirational, they reflect our vision for always striving to be better and to completely nurture and enrich each child’s intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth. The logo has an academic component to it if you see the “wings” as an open book. Broken down, it also reflects the two pillars of the school, academic excellence and instructional focus on one side and the social-emotional pillar that is so distinctive for Verita on the other side.

As a next step, we want to reflect more on what Verita is and build our community with an additional element. We have been working carefully to create T-shirts and merchandise that truly show Verita’s values and mission while offering a sense of belonging to the community.

Our Merchandise

With our community and values in mind, we feel very proud and happy to officially open the Verita merchandise shop for our parents, children, partners and last but not least, teachers.

You can browse all products online in the catalog below.


Our products are created with huge care for the environment, as all of the products that you will find in the shop are vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, fair-trade and made of 100% organic and recyclable materials.