Did you know that Bucharest is twinned with Beijing? Honestly, neither did we. However, we recently discovered that this partnership was established in 2019 through a Memorandum of Cooperation.

Five years later, just last week, an official delegation from Beijing visited Buchares and our school, resuming discussions for cooperation between Chaoyang District and Sector 1. They also proposed twinning our school with one of the top schools in Chaoyang—Sanfan Chaoyang School Attached to Beijing Normal University, catering to children aged 6 to 15 who benefit from the resources of both the Confucius Institute and Beijing Normal University.

We were pleased to welcome our guests. To sow the seeds of friendship, Head of School Lila Vasilescu planted a tree together with Xiao Wen, Chairman of the Chaoyang District Commission of Education of Beijing Municipality.

As expected, Richard Joannides, the Founder of Verita was also present at the meeting, along with Ximena Reyes, Ambassador for Intercultural Global Citizenship, and Arnaud Eremia Burlacu from the HS Student Council.