The COBIS All Stars Maths Competition has concluded, and Verita, has achieved the 6th place in the ‘Primary’ section and 9th place in the ‘Overall’ category, out of 141 schools worldwide. Big shoutout to our students and an extended heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all the teachers who engaged, supported and guided the children throughout. Though we may not have secured a spot on the podium, this experience served as valuable practice for us all. Together, we answered a total of 69,258 questions, with an impressive 89% average score.

Let’s give a warm round of applause to our students who achieved the highest scores:

  • Total Study Time (hrs): Batraneanu Natalia Maria – 14.26 h
  • Nuggets at 100%: Batraneanu Eduard Luca – 160
  • Total nuggets completed: Batraneanu Eduard Luca – 287
  • Total questions answered: Bocancea Alexandru – 3158
  • Questions answered correctly: Bocancea Alexandru – 2932

We are incredebly pround of each and every one of you! Verita students, always remember you are amazing!