On the occasion of December 5th – International Volunteer Day, our Primary students welcomed Maria Duduman, a passionate representative of the non-profit sector, a coach and personal development advisor. Wholeheartedly dedicated to the idea of doing good, she founded the platform bearing the very name ‘Do Good!’ – ‘Fă Bine!’ (https://www.facebook.com/fabine.eu/reviews) generating multiplied social impact and supporting over 100,000 people so far.

She engaged the children in a picture card game, prompting them to articulate their feelings about the images they were given. This exercise in imagination aimed to cultivate each child’s capacity for empathy, kindness, and altruism. Initially a bit shy, the children eventually became entangled in the game, each writing on a piece of paper a representative word for the interpreted image.

We are delighted about our special guest’s most recent accomplishment: the book “Love Exercises – The Path to Balance in a World without Landmarks,” scheduled to launch in mid-February. Congratulations, Maria! We look forward to your presence with us again.