Reflecting on the beauty of our planet and regularly renewing the commitment to safeguard it, our students organize activities every year on April 22nd to celebrate World Earth Day.  This year they were engaged in dialogues about the sources of pollution, debating which is the most threatening of them all.

Year 2B passionately explored oil spills and brainstormed solutions to prevent them, while also creating protest signs targeting big oil companies. Additionally, they conducted an experiment demonstrating the challenges of separating oil from water.

Our Verita Eco Team, always ready to save nature, organized a delightful bake sale for students and staff to finance upcoming green projects. And
Year 5C, a highly creative and imaginative group, staged a recycled fashion show.  An array of captivating activities unfolded to mark this important
occasion, which made us realize the inseparable bond we share with nature, sharing the same DNA.

As each day passes, we aspire for a deeper love for the Earth in everyone’s hearts, recognizing that love is the key to saving our planet.