Verita International School is thrilled to announce the exceptional performance of our middle school students at the world’s largest maths competition – World Maths Day – held on March 8th this year.

Over 5 million participants from a staggering 98 countries competed in this intense showdown, but it was our students who truly shone and left their mark on the competition. Their performance was nothing short of exceptional!

Our Year 7 student, Tudor C., made us proud by securing the second position in Romania. We congratulate Tudor for his incredible achievement and wish him all the best for his future endeavors. Our Year 7 team placed Verita International School 57th in the world. All the students in Year 7 contributed to this score, and we are delighted to see such a collaborative and supportive spirit among our students.

The Year 8 students were also outstanding, with three students securing the first, second, and third position in Romania. The Year 8 group as a whole achieved a fantastic result by placing Verita International School 81st in the world. We applaud our Year 8 students for their hard work and dedication and congratulate them on their success.

Our Year 9 students also made a significant contribution to the school’s overall performance, securing the 87th position in the world. We commend our Year 9 students for their exceptional performance and their dedication to learning.

The success of our middle school students at the world’s largest maths competition is a testament to the quality of education provided at Verita International School. We focus on building a solid foundation in mathematics for our students, and our teachers use innovative teaching methods to make maths exciting and engaging. And our students learn to see math as an exciting challenge rather than a daunting task. This approach has paid off, as our students’ success at the competition demonstrates their interest and commitment to the subject.

So we take this opportunity to give a big shoutout to our incredible math teachers! And let’s not forget the parents and the Verita staff for their unwavering support in helping our students reach their potential.

Well done, VIS Students!

Verita International School Math Day Results (2)
Verita International School Math Day Results (1)