Year 6 | New Unit | ‘Investigators’

Once they started the new unit, ‘Investigators,’ the students in Year 6 welcomed a special guest with great enthusiasm, as if he had stepped out of police movies: private detective Razvan Miron from the RDA agency (Raz Detective Agency). Very friendly and receptive, he shared with the children the history of his agency, with 24 years of experience and over 400 solved cases. He revealed some secrets of his profession and brought them a “working tool” from the early days of his career before the digital photography era. To conduct surveillance and take photos discreetly, he had camouflaged a basic automatic film camera in an ordinary briefcase: he fixed it in a metal frame and took pictures through a hole, holding the briefcase under his arm. The children were very excited to discover the mysterious briefcase and carefully examined the photographic films and photos taken more than 20 years ago.

In the last part of the meeting, the detective patiently answered all the questions from the curious audience. Here are some of them to give you a glimpse of the meeting.

  • Have you ever had a case involving a cannibal?
  • If I gave you 50 lei, could you find the lost Smurf for which my class organized a tracking investigation?
  • Would you be willing to harm someone for a very large sum of money? (The answer, of course, was ‘NO’)
  • How many unsolved cases have you had throughout your experience? (The answer was ‘Only one case, of a person missing 11 years ago.’)

We thank Mr. Razvan Miron very much and look forward to welcoming him again to our school.