Special guests invited for ‘Moving People’ unit

In a captivating exploration as part of the ‘Moving People’ unit, Year 6 students had a very interesting encounter with Ms. Fiona Dyas, a remarkable global citizen. She generously recounted her extraordinary journey spanning from the UK to the South of France, Scotland, and an unforgettable stop in Kenya. Currently calling Romania home, she dedicates her time as a volunteer at ‘Light into Europe,’ where she cares for Elvis, a guide dog in training. This enriching experience not only allowed our students – young global citizens – to delve into diverse cultures but also served as an inspiring testament to the possibilities of international connections.

The credit for orchestrating this enlightening encounter goes to Ximena Reyes, our dedicated Ambassador for Intercultural Global Citizenship. A big shoutout to her!

As dedicated advocates of the ‘Light into Europe’ organization, Y7 students regularly organize events to support its causes. Their latest initiative was a Charity Bake Sale, a delightful way to create a positive impact! Actively involved in all aspects of Verita community initiatives, they took advantage of Ms. Fiona Dyas’s visit to convey the funds they raised to their favorite NGO, supporting its endeavors. Congratulations, dear children! Your commendable volunteer spirit is truly admirable!